Brenna Salay- A Top Cosmetology Instructor



Brenna Moriarty Salay is a cosmetology instructor with Aveda Institute in Washington, D.C. She began teaching cosmetology with Springfield College and Springfield Technical College in 2007 before moving to her current role in 2010. She graduated from Cathedral High School in Springfield, MA, and continued her cosmetology education at Pyara Spa & Salon in Cambridge, MA. Brenna has served as a cosmetology educator for Aveda Institutes since 2010 and was awarded Educator of the Year in 2010. She has extensive knowledge of cosmetology and is passionate about helping students develop their cosmetology skills.

Brenna Moriarty Salay is a passionate and experienced cosmetology instructor who has been teaching for the past decade. She is highly knowledgeable about the beauty, hair, and makeup industries, and she loves helping her students learn the in-depth skills needed to become professional stylists. Brenna graduated from a cosmetology school and has since gone on to become an expert in the various techniques of styling. She has extensive knowledge of color theory, hair cutting and styling, wig making, barbering, skincare, and makeup artistry.

Brenna’s teaching style is focused on helping her students achieve their goals while tailoring her instruction to the individual student’s interests and needs. She works hard to ensure her students get the most out of their education by providing a hands-on, interactive learning environment. In addition to teaching cosmetology, Brenna is also an avid supporter of social causes such as animal rights and environmental conservation. She volunteers with various organizations in her spare time and has also been featured in several beauty blogs and magazines.

Brenna is truly a dedicated educator and mentor who loves to share her knowledge and help her students succeed. She believes that with the right guidance, anyone can become an amazing cosmetologist and make a positive impact in the world of beauty.  Unsurprisingly, her students often leave her classroom feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.   She is a role model for aspiring beauticians everywhere.  Brenna Moriarty Salay is truly an inspiring figure in the beauty industry.

Brenna strives to provide her students with hands-on learning opportunities, giving them the practical experience needed to succeed in cosmetology. She also emphasizes the importance of developing a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Brenna has been highly successful throughout her cosmetology instruction career and is dedicated to helping each student reach their goals. Her enthusiasm and commitment to cosmetology will provide students with the tools they need to achieve success.

Brenna Moriarty Salay has dedicated her cosmetology career to helping others develop their skills and reach their goals. She is a passionate educator at Aveda Institute Washington, D.C., and an expert cosmetologist who is committed to giving students the best possible instruction. With Brenna’s expertise and enthusiasm, cosmetology students will have everything they need to succeed in their field.

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